Is It Worth Hiring Personal Injury Attorneys
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Is It Worth Hiring Personal Injury Attorneys?

Have you been injured in an auto accident due to another person’s reckless driving? You could be entitled to compensation for damages and injuries, and having a personal injury attorney can help.

People often attempt to settle injury claims without a personal injury lawyer, but having one on your side can be an asset when insurance companies try to stall.


5 Ways A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help


  1. Leveling the Playing Field

Auto accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers can help give you a level playing field when it comes to getting a response back from insurance companies and claim adjusters. A claim adjuster is trained to use various tactics aimed at delaying, limiting or even denying compensation amounts received.

An experienced personal injury lawyer will know the strategies they use and be able to prevent manipulation while ensuring you get the compensation you deserve.


  1. Personal Injury Attorneys Handle Details

Another helpful benefit of having a personal injury attorney is in the details. Because of the complex nature of insurance claims, personal injury lawyers handle all the small details for you, saving you time and ensuring all the evidence is provided to build a strong case.

For instance, they will handle retrieving and handling accident reports, medical records, witness statements, and pictures between all involved parties. They will collect all the needed information that can be difficult for you to gather on your own during recovery.

Finally, experienced personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and experience in building solid claims and cases against the individual at fault, in addition to doing all the leg work so you are able to focus on resting and healing.


  1. Personal Injury Lawyers Know What Your Injuries Are Worth

When insurance companies find out the claimant has hired a personal injury attorney, they know the injured party is serious about their case. This will increase the chance of being offered a fair amount in a timely fashion, compared to getting the runaround and lowball numbers.


  1. Experienced Attorneys Eliminate Error

When you attempt to handle a case on your own, especially with all the fine details, there is a high risk of errors. This can be simple as a small detail being overlooked or stating something the wrong way and insurance companies using that against you to get out of paying a fair amount or possibly denying your claim.

Deadlines are another important factor when handling injury cases, which can be hard to keep up with if you are still healing. By hiring a personal injury attorney near you, these are things you do not have to worry about.


  1. Only Pay If You Win

You will find most personal injury lawyers accept cases based on a contingency fee model. This means, they only get paid if they obtain a settlement or verdict on your case. That eliminates upfront fees, there are no retainers or other expenses.

If a personal injury attorney accepts your case, they are taking on all the risks.


5 Ways A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help


What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Personal injury lawyers represent clients in legal cases where reports of physical or psychological injury have occurred. Injury may be the result of negligence by a company, person, government agency, or other entity. The area of law a personal injury lawyer practices is known as tort law.


When To Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Although a personal injury lawyer can help in many cases, not all situations require doing so. Below are some scenarios you may want to reach out to a personal injury attorney near you:

  • Auto accidents that caused serious injury or death.
  • The accident caused a temporary or permanent disability
  • You or a family member have emotional trauma after sustaining injuries.
  • You are not sure what the full extent of losses are.
  • Lost wages due to missed work from your injuries.
  • Concerns over insurance settlement offer not covering all medical costs.

You will find most personal injury attorneys provide free consultations. If you have any concerns about an auto accident or other type of personal injury case, do not hesitate to call an attorney near you.

How to Choose A Personal Injury Lawyer?

You should not count on advertisements alone to choose a personal injury lawyer near you. Lawyers are supposed to be on your side, but some will simply try to settle cases quickly and accept any offer by the insurance company. These types of law firms profit off a fast turnover and high volume.

Find reviews of past clients when looking to choose a personal injury lawyer. That is the best way to find an experienced lawyer that will be on your side, and not a law firm looking for quick turnover rates.


How to Talk to Personal Injury Attorneys?

When meeting with a lawyer for the first time, knowing how to talk to a personal injury attorney will be useful. According to Enjuris, there are a few things to keep in mind when meeting your attorney.

Know your narrative: On the first visit, the attorney will be trying to determine if they can build a strong enough case against you.

Be honest: If you withhold vital information it can hinder your case later, or prevent you from having a case from the start. Be honest and upfront, chances are the truth will come out later and only hurt your case.

Stay calm: You do not want to spend the free consultation crying or complaining about the situation. They know you’re there because of a negative event that occurred, but are not licensed or trained to be therapeutic.

Ask questions: If you are unclear about anything, now is the time to ask for clarification.


How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me?

An easy way to find a personal injury lawyer near you is searching Google for “personal injury lawyers near me in Phoenix”. This will provide a list of results of personal injury lawyers in your area, including their information and website.